level up

i know we die,
but i’m not exactly broken
commandeering my own happiness
kissing the lips
that kiss me back the best

he reads me sonnets,
with a brain both quick and poor
with cottage cheese in
blueberry pancakes
he’s golden. he’s gold
in grocery aisles

accusing me of being obtuse
as he turns down the fish for
reasons hungry won’t understand.
i love him and his rich

complaints of injustice
when justice doesn’t matter
when he orders for me
when i’ve been feeding
myself very long time now

when his fingers lace with my own
when he’s smiling because in me
he’s found a home, because
i love him … even though
he knew i might not


is it truth for you too?

will mysterious freedom
spoil us
with a love that’s
far too magical?

when will the salt of you
stop masquerading

as vanilla maple
when inwardly I know

your body breathes
away from mine

your love comes
in waves
initiating foolish
with overlapping song

and every moment
and millimeter
of you touches



barely 50

do you need him?

somebody who has a mouth
twisting orange words
into rusty feathers

every morning
same bullshit,

somebody’s gotta etch
crass chalk marks
where tongues died

and when feathers poke
instead of cushion
ask the final question,

why did you ever need him?

without noticing

i write
what i feel

someone is putting up
a Christmas tree
& i rejoice
only a little

i’m not nice anymore

i keep scraping the insides
of my darkened cave
looking for a whisper
trapped under dirty white nails

say it soft
,like Rilke
:he’s wrong for you

one angel’s arm breaks

in my new office

there’s a white box of
calling cards ‘Gina’ forgot

there’s a 1995 penny
under the bottom drawer

there’s sunny moon-shaped
apple slices & tiny pretzels

there’s Tiffany drawing
a cow, a horse, a sheep

there’s talk of mac-n-cheese
eaten early as a strategy

[44 for d’Verse]